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About us

We aim to provide professional, creative and passionate UAV aerial photography and videography services to every project.

We are Drone ADIK. We are a new, fresh and creative drone (UAV) videography and photography company. We enjoy capturing and post production of great imagery and content. We are always looking to create the perfect once in a lifetime shot or clip. We can create media for weddings, special events, surveys, estate agents and much more. 

We use only DJI drone equipment to make sure we get the best possible photographs and videos as safely and efficiently as possible.

We do not believe in attaching hidden fees or charges to the costings given initially. All our charges are made clear to clients from the first complete quote and only comprise of payment for the time taken by our team and any materials or expenses required for the successfuly completion of the job.

We want to understand your business and plan a solution that works best for you; and to do so at a price that fits your budget. Interested? Simply email us your query giving as much detail as possible along with your contact details and will be in touch soon to arrange a good time to chat.  


We also understand that we are ambassadors for your company and that means that you can rely on our professionalism, attitude and quality of work to deliver you a film that truly captures the essence and the excitement of your day.

£1 million public liability insurance

We carry a £1 million public liability insurance policy to ensure we are covered for every eventuality giving you piece of mind.

100% Satifaction

If you are not completely satisfied with our service at any time during your project, let us know and if we cannot rectify it to your satisfaction we will refund your full service cost. 

Our Planning, Filming & Delivery Process

First Enquiry

Tell us about your project and the more information you can give us the better. We’ve devised our very own Project Briefing Form that asks many of the questions we need answers to straight from the start.

Pre-Flight Assessment

Safety when filming aerial footage is extremely important. From the information you supply us we will carry out a pre-site assessment using tools at our disposal. We don’t have to come out to your location to do this, there are many tools available to us before we visit. We’ll look at:

- Location
- No Fly Zones
- Land ownership
- Determining safe take off zones
- Risk assemsents for public

With a schedule planned, we can get your shoot in to the calendar and give you a quote for the project cost.

Pre-Flight Check

A little before the flight date we will monitor the flight conditions such as weather and events surrounding the location, and that we have everything we need to complete a safe flight and filming.

On Site Assessment

We never arrive at site unplanned and unprepared, but sometimes there is no substitute for seeing a location in the flesh, looking at some of the risk factors and natural changes and adjusting accordingly. Trees grow, flags get raised on poles and scaffolding goes up against buildings. Things like these can affect the way that a shoot goes so having a good look around before we start shooting is essential.


After all of the planning, checking and preparation is done, it’s time to fire up the drone and start shooting your footage.

Post Production

Our inhouse editing means we can add your graphics, design and soudtracks ready to use


We supply you with the RAW media or post edited media in the format you choose.

Lets discuss your project

Please get in touch and give us the post code, date and requirements and we can quote for you.


Email: t.newsome@DroneADIK.com
Phone: +44 (0) 7477 679921                      

Insured for Public and Employee Liability. 
CAA No. 7668

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